We are miles ahead of the competition when it comes to both of these vital areas of wellness in fact, we are so effective, we guarantee results. There is an abundance of misinformation in both these fields, but with us, our patients benefit from over 20 years of experience. While most Clinics and Pharmacies are selling saliva kits and dispensing creams, we are providing state-of-the-art sublingual tablets with absorptions and clinical results that would make even large Pharmaceutical companies envious. Too many patients have become disillusioned with the status quo in Bio-Identical Hormone therapy receiving creams and gels which simply don’t work, and yet, the bogus testing methods seem to indicate that all should be fine, but the patients remain with multiple symptoms. We guarantee first and foremost, that your symptoms will improve and provide accurate testing methods to validate our therapies. Over 95% of our patients that start Bio-Identical hormones, remain on them affirming the fantastic results that are possible. We have spent almost two decades perfecting our dosage forms and tablet formulations.......and IT SHOWS!!!! No one does it better.......NO ONE !

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